Looking for a scooter that zips through traffic and packs a punch on the road?

The SYM GTS 250 known in U.S.A as the RV250 provides exceptional handling in urban areas and delivers top performance on the road. With a 250cc 4-stroke 4-valve liquid cooled engine this freeway legal scooter can get up and go. It has 13 diameter wheels that provide you with excellent stability and maximum safety on the road. Front and rear disk brakes for reliable stopping power. Its strong design smoothly integrates great performance with a sporty look that is sure to turn some heads.

Check out some other features that ONLY the SYM RV250 has.....

  • Ceramic lined cylinder, this means the motor lasts WAY longer than the competition.
  • Linked braking system, means you can stop faster & safer than other scooters.
  • Security shutter for the ignition switch. You close the shutter & no one can jam the ignition switch with a screwdriver.

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Price $4498.00

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